Thursday, April 13, 2017

Siding Material 101

Siding - What exactly is it and how does it benefit your home? How do you decide what type of siding material best fits your home? Have no fear, we have answers to your questions! Siding material comes in all shapes and sizes and vary from home to home. To help you decipher all of it, here is an article breaking it down.

As your Shelby roofer, Roof One Michigan will provide you with siding insights and services for the benefit of your home. Give us a call! Material Comparison | Home Siding Products A number of residential siding materials are available for homeowners looking to enhance the appearance and performance of their homes. However, because no two home siding products are created equal, deciding which is the best fit for your situation can be extremely difficult. The following siding material comparison is meant to make your decision a little easier; by knowing the basics about the most popular products, you’ll have a better idea of which ones are worth a closer examination, and which ones are simply not right for your home.

Aluminum siding is a very affordable cladding option. However, since it requires more upkeep than vinyl siding (and often looks about the same), this residential siding material is now being taken off nearly as often as it is being put on. If you’re looking to replace your old aluminum siding with a different material, it’s important to note that some places will actually recycle old aluminum siding (and some will even pay you money for it)!

Vinyl siding has been popular for decades now. While its promises of “no maintenance” are not entirely accurate, most other home siding products are truly a little more needy than vinyl. Since low-quality vinyl siding has been known to become very brittle when cold and fade in direct sunlight, you’ll want to avoid the cheapest vinyl siding products. When it comes to affordability and longevity, however, this material presents a good combination of both.

Brick has been one of the most well-regarded home siding products on the market for centuries. It looks great, it holds up almost indefinitely, and it gives a home an air of classic authenticity that few other materials can match. Unfortunately, true brick siding is very expensive. To cut costs, some choose to use brick on part of their home and another siding material on the rest; others opt for brick veneer, which looks and feels just like the real thing, but costs a lot less.


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